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Jones Gallery Quarterly FAQ

How often does the Quarterly arrive?

Your Quarterly will arrive four times per year, once every three months. 


Do I know when the painting has been mailed?

That's a surprise! Although we do aim for the second month of the quarter (February, for instance, in the January-March slot).


Can I choose my painting?

Nope! That is part of the surprise! Each subscriber will be seeing his/her paintings for the first time as they arrive in the mail. Each work will be executed according to the artist's highest standards and integrity. Each subscription and every work within is unique. By purchasing, subscribers are aware of the artist's work and are open to the surprise element of this project. 


Can I give a subscription as a gift?

Yes, please do. Let us know that it is a gift subscription and we can send you a gift 'package' - information on the Quarterly and the gallery. We can also include a note on your behalf in the first issue. There is a field for special instructions when you subscribe online or just email us.


Are the four subscription paintings connected in any way? Can they be displayed together?

Yes and yes. Each year has an overarching theme that ties all four paintings together. The Jones Gallery Quarterly 2017 Theme: Hidden Places [in Urban Spaces]. Think alleyways, backyards and fire escapes.


How much does it cost?

A yearly subscription is $500 + HST.


Do I have to pay for shipping?

Shipping is complimentary within Canada.