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Competing Narratives (36"x48")

Competing Narratives (36"x48")


Sarah Jones

Oil and charcoal on canvas, 36”x48”, 2018

These new paintings are part of Sarah’s ongoing investigation into industrial and urban landscape. She sees these spaces as sites of accumulated meanings, layers of materials over time, always changing and in a state of flux. She re-creates a field of accumulated meanings through the physical application of materials, each layer representing a temporary interpretation of the landscape.

By adopting a non-representational or abstract approach, Sarah is saying something not just about a particular landscape - she often does glean inspiration from Courtenay Bay or Tin Can Beach - but more broadly about how/why these types of spaces are visually compelling. Depicted here, our industrial landscape is sometimes harsh, changeable and transient, but also a source of startling colour combinations, strong through lines and intriguing combinations of forms.

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