Contemporary Art

Art Consultation

Art Consultation with Sarah and Caleb Jones

Are you looking to begin or build an original art collection? Don't know where to start, or where to look, or what to spend? 

Buying art can be an intimidating process. We can help. 

Sarah knows art. She has a Master's degree in Art History and has lectured at universities and galleries across Atlantic Canada. She owns a gallery and exhibits her work internationally. 

Sarah and Caleb are happy to share their knowledge and experience of (and love for!) the art world. Let us give you a hand through this worthwhile process. 


Gallery visits. Let's look at lots of art together. Meet the gallery owners. See their collections. Be comfortable visiting and browsing in gallery spaces, locally or abroad. Learn the questions to ask and how to ask them. 

Discover your taste. Do you prefer abstract or realistic? Don't know? That's ok. We'll figure it out. You can like both. 

Learn about your art community. New Brunswick has a thriving visual arts scene. Learn who is important, what they have contributed and who is up-and-coming. We'll talk about the differences between emerging, mid-career, and established artists, plus how to learn more about an artist you like. 

Developing a collection. From your first piece of art to one of many. How to start and how to build. 

Art for your space. We can help you decide on size, subject and placement. We'll even help you hang your new artwork.


$165/hour or $400 for half-day (3.5 hours)