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Our Industrial Landscape II: A Reinterpretation

I am taking another crack at our industrial landscape.

I have been trying to move away from being too precious over the details of this landscape or too tight (that may not be the right word, but I hope it makes sense) with my gestures and composition. The studio equivalent of a deep breath and starting again. ...

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How to Survive Existential/Creative Crisis: A Guide

I was reflecting on the nature of the gallery's social media presence today. Generally, aside from the snipes that Caleb and I take at each other, our tone is happy, positive, punctuated by exclamation marks - here I am, smiling, with this painting! A social media feed which leads, unsurprisingly and innocuously, to comments from observers like the one I received today:  

"Your job looks like so much fun. I wish I was an artist." [...]

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Art Under $500: Caleb's Gift-Giving Guide

Caleb here. Sarah's brother. Jones Gallery Manager and Director & Taskmaster in Chief. I made up that last title. I am the new face of Jones Gallery as Sarah isn't allowed to leave the studio. She has loads of work to do. I give her a list every morning. 

Here are my favourites from Sarah's recent work. A handy-dandy shopping guide from the Jones Gallery Manager/Director/Taskmaster in Chief. All under $500. ...


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Our Industrial Landscape

Our Industrial Landscape. 

Or, fondly, a return to Courtenay Bay. 

This is the newest collection of work on exhibition at the gallery. I have been spending the last two years on sidewalks and alleys looking at window reflections, brick walls and fire escapes. Grey days and early nights this fall called for a brief return to Courtenay Bay and the Saint John harbour. ...

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