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February: Studio Resolutions

My ongoing "do better" list. 

1. Drawing. I typically take a utilitarian approach to my sketchbook - making notes on composition or angles or location, sorting out the preliminaries for a planned painting. Unplanned, unfettered drawing tends to fall by the wayside in favour of deadlines. Experimentation though, mark-making for the sake of mark-making, leads one to the good stuff. Drawing, must do more, I say to myself. Often. So this winter, I am trying to draw with regularity. Sketchbook and pastels every day, for a few minutes at least. 

2. Organization. Look at all those little boxes! These are the first issues of the Jones Gallery Quarterly  leaving the studio last week. Organized. A little spreadsheet and everything. Go me, an-organized-and-effective-me. 

My minions helped, to be honest. They're the organized ones. They disparage my helter-skelter ways. 

 Quarterly issues. All stacked up like little pizzas.

Quarterly issues. All stacked up like little pizzas.

3. Not delivering wet paintings to galleries. I have an exhibition with Argyle Fine Art coming up in April. The last time I had a show with them, a few of the paintings I delivered were a tad wettish. Stupid oil paint and its extended drying time. So I am working on Halifax paintings diligently. It's February! So much drying time until April. 

 Painting in progress, a 36"x48" of the Hydrostone area. 

Painting in progress, a 36"x48" of the Hydrostone area. 

  Barrington , oil on canvas, 16"x16", 2016

Barrington, oil on canvas, 16"x16", 2016

4. Catalogues. I've been meaning to do a portfolio catalogue for years. YEARS. It only took the depths of February and a conference deadline and upcoming portfolio review to finally buckle down and create one.