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Blog written by Sarah Jones of Jones Gallery + Studio. News from her studio, discussions of process, and thoughts on art + design. 

The New CGO (Chief Gallery Officer)

Caleb Jones is my brother, an internationally recognized athlete, and the new Chief Gallerist at Jones Gallery + Studio. 

Many of you may know Caleb through his storied athletic accomplishments - an internationally ranked javelin thrower, gold medal winner at the Canada Games and current Canadian champion - but he also knows a lot about art. 

Caleb has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East and South America, helped me on some of my graduate studies research trips, and has spent decades following me through gallery after gallery. He knows what good art look like and is the second most qualified person in the world to talk about my work. You’ll be in good hands! 

You will now find Caleb most days at the gallery while I continue to work in the studio around the corner. These are busy days for Jones Gallery! We have two solo exhibitions coming up, exciting plans for collaborations and international art fairs, and we’re shipping artwork all over the world.