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Art Under $500: Caleb's Gift-Giving Guide

Caleb here. Sarah's brother. Jones Gallery Manager and Director & Taskmaster in Chief. I made up that last title. I am the new face of Jones Gallery as Sarah isn't allowed to leave the studio. She has loads of work to do. I give her a list every morning. 

(This is Sarah, cowering before my demands and instructions. COWER.)

So thanks to me and my masterful organization, the gallery is full, the online shop is updated, and we are prepared for Christmas. 

Here are my favourites from Sarah's recent work. A handy-dandy shopping guide from the Jones Gallery Manager/Director/Taskmaster in Chief. All under $500.

Under $200

We'll start with the little stuff. The smallest pieces we have in the gallery are 4"x4". They are $145. We also have a few 4"x6" paintings at $165. Sarah just delivered a few from the studio this week. 

P.S. I took all the photos. People think Sarah is the master-photographer because creativity and all that, but nope, all me. 

  Escape , 4"x4", $145

Escape, 4"x4", $145

  Steeple No. 2 , 4"x6", 2016

Steeple No. 2, 4"x6", 2016

My personal favourite though: the tankers. I recommend. 

 Me with a 4"x4" tanker. 

Me with a 4"x4" tanker. 

While this is technically breaking the under $200 rule of this sub-category, I like a clump of boats. A set of three is $435. I don't have a photo of a set of three so here is a photo of a set of four.  

  Little Tankers , 4"x4", $145 each

Little Tankers, 4"x4", $145 each

Under $400

  New Cranes , 9"x12", $390

New Cranes, 9"x12", $390

We have two paintings left in our small works series on the new cranes. Everyone likes blue cranes. 

  Cranes No. 4 , 9"x9", $295

Cranes No. 4, 9"x9", $295

The blue cranes and just out of the frame in this painting. But I like the homage to the old ones in this, and the red ship facing away:

 Cranes No. 8, 9"x9", $295

Cranes No. 8, 9"x9", $295

Under $500

We have some paintings in the $450 to $490 range (12"x12"s and 6"x36"s) but my recommendation for a gift in that price range would be a subscription to the Jones Gallery Quarterly, while we still have a few available. (We did sell out before Christmas last year). This is an art by subscription program: subscribers receive four 6"x6" paintings throughout the year (once per quarter). You can read all about it and we also have an FAQ section. You can subscribe directly online, or stop by the gallery and I can show you some examples. 

Why you should buy this:

1. You are getting $700 worth of art for $500. 6"x6" paintings at the gallery are $175 each. You are getting the subscriber rate and saving $50 per painting. 

2. The subscription recipient will be reminded of how awesome and thoughtful you are all year long. 

3. You finish with a clump of art. I've told you already that I'm a fan of art clumps. Four 6"x6" look pretty nice in a row. 

 Look at that art clump.

Look at that art clump.

That is all for my under $500 guide. You can visit me at the gallery Monday to Wednesday 12-5, Thursday and Friday 12-6 and Saturday 12-5 (those hours in effect until Christmas). Feel free to ask me for help in picking out a painting. I have lots of opinions. 

- Caleb