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PORT: An Opening

My exhibition PORT opened last Saturday at Argyle Fine Art. Stuff that was great:

1. Adriana and Crystal. The lovely ladies who run Argyle. I connected with them last summer for their Canadiana group exhibition and we have been working together since then. They are supportive and innovative and their gallery is refreshingly non-stuffy. They truly understand the role of art as a tool for public engagement, encouraging viewers to interact, question, participate. Often in a pretty fun way. 

2. Gallery artists. Some of Argyle's other gallery artists attended the show! I often lament the (sometimes) lacking presence of Saint John artists at other Saint John artists' events. Not so at Argyle. I had great conversations with Caitlin McGuire, Andy MacDonald, George Spencer, Gordon MacDonald, among others (you can see their work through the Argyle blog). 

3. Friends, friends of friends and new friends. People came to the opening! People I know! And Halifax people that I don't know but some of my Saint John supporters do and they came! Plus lots of other people I have never met before! We talked about painting and cranes and Halifax's North End and Saint John's snowpocaylspe.

Some photos I took before the opening: