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Studioing: Audio Books

My days at the studio used to be filled with CBC Radio One, but since This Is That went on the the air and Dispatches went off, my strict adherence to our national radio network has become less and less...fervent. Then, a few months ago, while I was in the middle of a good book and thinking - I wish there was some way I could read and paint at the same time - I realized THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN INVENTED!! Audio books, it turns out, are the BEST! Not just for old people and my brother, who has been an audio book devotee for years. With the past month's fifteen-hour studio days, I've been chewing through a title every two or three days. And also eating up my brother's Audible subscription. It's his fault for giving me his password.

I like to think that I'm an adherent to history and art books, but my absolutely favourite listening is fiction. I'm working my way through some classics that I've always meant to read, plus some contemporary lit. My favourites so far:

Since Middlemarch I've listened to several others read by Juliet Stevenson. She has a calming, round voice - great for long afternoons of painting slog. After listening to Stevenson, I realized what a difference a good reader can make. I started paying careful attention to subscribers' comments regarding the narration. Stevenson does a great characterization of the odious Mr. Casaubon. 



Remains of the Day is one of my favourite books, and since reading it I've had a couple others by Ishiguro on my shelf, waiting to be read. This audio version won one of the Audie awards - here again the reading is exquisite. Prebble does a pretty darn convincing butler. 

And our latest favourite. Even at almost thirty hours, I wanted this to carry on and on...

Caleb (my brother) also recommends. He is currently engrossed somewhere around hour ten. Caleb is a fan of the reader, David Colacci. His voices and accents are a wonderful listening experience. Lots of accent opportunities with Kavalier and Clay, with escape artists from Prague and mothers from Brooklyn...

If any visitor to this blog has listening or book recommendations, please pass them along!