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Winter 2015

The little studio has a busy few months ahead. I have three solo exhibitions in February and March:

The Artist Project Contemporary Art Fair, Toronto, ON, February 19-22

Capitol Theatre Gallery, Moncton, NB, opening Wednesday, March 4, 5-7 p.m.

Argyle Fine Art, Halifax, NS, opening Saturday, March 14

I have rented an additional studio space to tackle this work. I've been rapidly running out of painting room for the past year or so in my little Duke Street studio/gallery. The new space is welcome opportunity to spread out - floor to ceiling paintings and painting debris. For now Duke Street is open by appointment while I am away working at the new space. Working very hard. On many many paintings. 

I've been putting in long hours bent over buckets of paint thinner and various oil paint mediums - fumes are abounding. My Dad has assigned me a vapour mask. My brother promptly followed with Bane jokes. 

No laughing. :|

I'm also taking part in a group exhibition at Argyle Fine Art in Halifax: PRE-SHRUNK! This sounds like a fun one - over two hundred 4"x5" pieces will fill their gallery, all for $175 each. Exhibition opens Friday, January 23rd, 7 p.m. Here is a little peek at the wee work I have submitted for this show. I've focussed on the Heather Knutsen - a regular in the Halifax port, and has also been to Saint John on occasion. A beautiful boat.