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Pip Project No. 4: Princess Street with Trinity

Photographer and friend Dan Culberson once posted an image of Princess Street, and I've been taking a closer look at this street ever since. It is another of my favourite stretches of urban landscape - the block of Princess between Germain and Charlotte, a block remarkably distinct from the streets around it, but at the same time perhaps best representing Saint John's odd juxtapositions: old and new, dilapidated and maintained, high-end and low-end, the garish and the beautiful. The Lantern House sign for me is the star of the street. Plus the Saint John Theatre Company is now headquartered at the restored 112 Princess, all the more reason to take a meander down this gem of a block...

…and buy tickets to Pride and Prejudice May 14-17!!! I might have seen Saint John's famous theatre export (and I believe, one of the stars of the show) on Duke Street yesterday. 'OMG Alex Goldrich was just outside the studio! The ACTOR!' - I might have texted to my mother. Or something. Alex, you're our famous person. Looking forward to the show.