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New Work: A Long Long Winter & the Creative Process

 No. 23, mixed media on canvas, 36"x60", 2014

No. 23, mixed media on canvas, 36"x60", 2014

It had been a torturous winter/spring for my art-brain. I received a Creation Grant from ArtsNB over the winter - this grant is designed to further an artist's concepts, creativity and practice - so I designated the early months of 2014 as art-experimental-time. In other words: time to sort out the ideas that have been rattling around in my brain for the past few years. Idea number one didn't work. Neither did two. Or three. I re-imagined number one through three and tried again. Tried another. Sobbed. Complained to Mom. Repeated. I know this is a normal process for creatives, but it STINKS. Working through concepts - and perhaps deciding that they are not worthwhile/workable/relevant - is time well-spent, argued my Mom and every other rational person I spoke to about my endeavours. My less rational response involved a hammer and a bonfire. 

But then I woke up in the middle of the night last month with an idea involving city maps, aerial views, graffiti and whitewashed walls. And this time, the concept worked well with my materials and approach, and the idea seemed to be translating into my envisioned finished product. I've covered ninety-two square feet of canvas with this idea in the past month - maniacal painting pace, trying to make up for the slow winter months of trial-and-error. These are the first pieces in the new series. Many more to come, I hope. 

No. 24, mixed media on canvas, 36"x60", 2014

No. 104, mixed media on canvas, 48"x96" (six panels), 2014

No. 104 panel details: