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Pip Project No. 3: Horsfield and Charlotte

 Pip's favourite activity.

Pip's favourite activity.

Pip knows that this is the first short-cut back to the studio - the quickest possible single block route: Duke, Charlotte, Horsfield, and Germain. And so he fetches up on this corner too, lagging behind me, looking wistfully down Horsfield, even daring sometimes to sink his large posterior onto the pavement in protestation. This is a routine trick of his - his beady brain realized some time ago that at 165 lbs, he outweighs most humans on the end of his leash. The bum-on-floor/street represents his protest at any form of…well, activity. He did this once at a check-up at the Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown. According to the vet, Pip decided that a particular hallway looked too dauntingly long, and so sank his rear end to the floor and refused to go any farther. When she tried to rouse him, he deployed his extra special sloth-move: dead-weight-tummy-on-floor. It took four veterinary students to shove my pup - along his belly! - from one end of the hallway to the other. He's a legend. 

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