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Pip Project No. 1: Duke and Charlotte

 Pip and I outside the studio, 73 Duke Street.

Pip and I outside the studio, 73 Duke Street.

Welcome to the first day of the Pip Project! This is the beginning of a twenty day project based on a springtime walking route I take with my Newfoundland dog, Pip. Starting at Duke and Germain (studio home-base), the project will progress through the historic Uptown Saint John area, each day featuring the buildings, streets and intersections along the way. The route will be charted each day on this blog, and a Pip-and-Sarah visual walking map will emerge at the end of the twenty days. 

Today, Pip and I have left the studio and turned left - Pip, begrudgingly. He likes the idea of going outside to sit on the studio step, but progressing any farther he knows will require effort. 'Pip! It's WALK-TIME!' - I say, enthusiastically, but Pip rolls his eyes and pretends to carry on with his nap. It's on the corner of Duke and Charlotte that he will first fetch up, hoping (in vain) that this will signify the end of the walk. Dream on, Dog-King of Sloth. Nineteen more paintings to go.

map 1.jpg

*Please note that in the interest of fairness, Pip Project paintings are available for sale online only on a first-come first-serve basis.