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Project 100: Day 64

Wentworth Street No. 3, mixed media on canvas, 6x6 inches, 2013*SOLD*

What is it with men and keys. They are incapable of 1. removing any unused key from their keychain; or 2. throwing ANY key in the garbage. They think the instant they discard that key they haven't used since 1988 that opens some padlock that rusted over in 1991 MIGHT BE USEFUL. At some point. You never know.

I remember a conversation between Mom and Dad, where Mom was quizzing him on the use of each key on his overstuffed keychain. 'That's the key to the old tractor that broke down (two decades ago), and that one for the shed - no, not that shed... the one we tore down.' 

So here, Michael McIntyre explains men, the man drawer, and their need to hoard batteries, light bulbs, and yes, keys:


"There's something too mysterious about a key - you can't just discard it in the bin. I don't know what you do, key! You stay in the man drawer."