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Project 100: Day 60

A Whole Lot of Courtenay Bay on a Little Canvas No. 2, oil on canvas, 6x6 inches, 2013


I've been trying to teach Pip to shake paws. There has to be a brain in that enormous head somewhere. It's not going well. I know he knows what to do. I see him staring at my outstretched hand, processing exactly how much work is entailed in lifting his paw, and weighing the significance of the reward. I plead with him, 'PLEEEZE shake! Shake. Now. Pip. Shake!' and he sighs, literally, and PRACTICALLY ROLLS HIS EYES, and slowly lifts his paw. He DEIGNS to shake. And then he lies down, shuts his eyes and pretends to snore. Teaching time over. Stupid sloth-dog.  

Dog-king of Sloth and me outside the studio last summer. He has gained forty pounds since then, the fatty.