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Project 100: Day Twelve

Gemain and King, oil on canvas, 6x6 inches, 2013

You know what I love about this corner? The assumed right-to-walk on the part of every Saint John pedestrian. No matter what vehicle is driving up the King Street hill, we step off the curb without even glancing to the left, confident that this cross-walk belongs to the pedestrians! Back off, Range Rover! I've seen Saint Johners fearlessly stare down Ontario-plated SUV's, glare at the ignorant driver who dares threaten to cross the pedestrian zone without pause, and continue to march across King Street - all without breaking step. You can tell an on-foot tourist immediately by how they approach this corner. Waiting patiently on the curb for traffic to stop? Pfft, out-of-towner! Watch how it's done, we say, as we stride past the waiting tourist, forcing cars in both directions to stop.

This clip has absolutely nothing to do with this painting or pedestrians. But Top Gear is always applicable. And Michael McIntyre mentions Range Rovers. 'Retreat to the loser lane!' Enjoy. Happy Day Twelve.