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Project 100: Day Nine - Dedicated to Backstreet Records (NFS)

Germain from Princess, oil on canvas, 6x6 inches, 2013

Day Nine is a gift for my good friend and past-neighbour, Gord Tufts. Gordie is the owner of Backstreet Records, 124 Germain Street. My old studio address was 122 Germain Street - I spent three years next door to Backstreet. 

Gordie, thanks for keeping an eye on my studio and shoveling the front step, for all those street-concerts, in-store performances and scooter talks, for hiring the coolest staff (hi Babette and Corey) who were always good for a chat on a slow Saturday afternoon, and for your indefatigable support of my work and business (mis)adventures. 

-Sarah :)