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My Brother Ditched Me for Chicken Curry

My brother Caleb was home visiting last week from javelin training in Lethbridge, Alberta. His visit coincided with the Gallery Hop on Friday, timing that I initially thought was great. Caleb manned the studio for me during one of the hops in early 2010 and sold an absurd amount of paintings. I have no idea how he did it. He claimed it was boyish charm and demanded an eighty percent commission on his sales. I scoffed at that idea and bought him a panini instead.

So yes, Caleb promised to help me out for last Friday's hop. We arrived at the studio at 4:50 p.m. Opened at 5:00. Caleb demolished half a bowl of Riesens by 5:07. And at 5:15 Caleb abandoned me for chicken curry. 

How terrible is that. So in revenge I'm posting this video of Caleb, training with the solemnity befitting a future Olympian. Athletics Canada, this is your hope for 2016, fueled by Riesens and chicken curry.