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'Terribly sorry, I ran over your dog... in my JAG'

Dear BBC:

You should make me the fourth host on Top Gear. Because I would be brilliant. Which would be quite the feat given that I know very little about cars and even less about driving them. Might be a good balance though? OR maybe I could talk about scooters! Anyway, think it over. But seriously, it's a good idea.   



Ok, Top Gear has been running since 2002 and Caleb and I have only discovered it now, TRAGEDY. But we've been eating it up voraciously since Christmas to make up for lost time. We've been squawking their Jag routine at each other in British accents for the past two weeks: 'I'm terribly sorry, I ran over your dog... in my JAAAGGG.' 'Awfully sorry, bit of an issue with the wallet... would you mind settling this while I go warm up the JAAAGGG.'

Our favourite Top Gear bit: