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Super-Secret Project: Update No. 2

Super-secret-project-state-of-mind last week: Painting bonfire imminent.

Super-secret-project-state-of-mind today: Ok, not so bad.

So I've been working on incorporating charcoal into my normal oil painting technique. I'm trying to get at a grittier, foggier vision of Saint John, closer to how I view the idea of Saint John in my consciousness. Oooh deep.

I've been focusing on the iconic industrial skylines in Saint John for this project. Which means, yeah yeah, more Courtenay Bay. Plus inspiration from the cranes on the West Side. 

Saint John Harbour with Cranes, S. Jones, charcoal and oil on canvas, 24x30 in., $575

Courtenay Bay from Crown in Fog, S. Jones, oil and charcoal on canvas, 24x30 in., $575