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Report: Painting in Ottawa on Canada Day!

Sarah Jones in Major's Hill Park, Ottawa, on July 1. Photo by the NCC.Major's Hill Park, Ottawa. Ahh people!The Saint John 225 Cultural Capital Celebration sent me, along with sculptor Phil Savage and 'Art', to Ottawa's Major's Hill Park on Canada Day. To do art-stuff - I painted, Phil carved, and Art made everybody happy. We were there along with artist representatives from this year's other Culture Capitals of Saguenay and Winnipeg, set up along the designated Avenue of Cultural Capitals in the park. 

Despite my minor panic attack at not being able to hang my work on the tent walls or managing to decipher the complicated workings of the provided industrial-strength easels (Phil rescued me on that one), everything went ok. No major disasters. I finished a painting. Talked to a million people (literally. Queen-in-Ottawa=a-bazillion-people). Tried to convince everybody to become an artist/move to Saint John (I think I had one five-year old completely persuaded to do both).

Good day.

Emil, me looking scuffy, and PhilPhil Savage