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I'm Going on Vacation. Someday.

Ok. I'm going on vacation. Someday. 

I haven't been on vacation since I almost committed fratricide on an ill-conceived (too-long) trip with my brother to Barcelona. And that was a while ago. And I haven't had a day off the business since I opened. Sigh. 

Somebody recently asked me what I was doing this year for vacation. Ok, so vacation this year may be only a mirage created by my entrepreneurial-infused, free-time-deprived brain, BUT -

I'm going on vacation next year. To the Camino de Santiago - a pilgrimage trail from France leading to Santiago de Compostela in north west Spain. It takes four to six weeks to walk the distance, staying at pilgrim's hostels along the way. Decided. I'll hang a sign on the studio door saying I've gone on a pilgrimage to get some inspiration from a two thousand year old trail. Plus study up on some pretty funky Romanesque and Gothic architecture along the way. And it will worth working every day of my life up until that point...