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Dear Courtenay Bay. I Love You.

Ok. So last month I said that I was done with boats. 

I lied. Just a little bit. 

I can't get over Courtenay Bay. I love love love it. It's like a knife-painter's paradise. Sarah's personal art-heaven. 

I would live in a houseboat on Courtenay Bay if I thought the tankers weren't going to run me over. 

So after a brief Wentworth Street/Cityscaping hiatus, I'm back to the boats. I even ordered a truckload of 2x6 foot canvases just for the occasion. I'm going to have a Courtenay-Bay-tanker-fiesta for the next gallery hop. 

I started a Courtenay Bay canvas today... didn't get very far with all my perpetually-on-vacation friends (Josh) yipping my ear off for the afternoon, but at least some paint's on there. :)

Courtenay Bay No. 1, Step No. 1