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How cool was that Gallery Hop

Uptown Saint John's second annual Gallery Hop happened last Friday. And it was even better than the one in February, which I know I said was the best-of-all-time, but, I didn't know what was to come in May. 

Great weather, first of all (which conspired against us hoppers last year). Great shows (art cards at Klaussen's, Jared Peters at Handworks). Good publicity (check out that branding job, plus all of Uptown Saint John's promotion on Facebook). Good CROWDS - hundreds of people tromping about looking and talking about local art. How cool is that. 

And I finally got it together and designed a sandwich board for the studio, which helped bring people into the space. It's funny - tourists have no problem coming in to the studio, but locals are a little shy. I think Saint Johners are concerned about interrupting me when I'm working - they even knock on the door before coming in! I love this city. Anyway, the street sign is helping to let people know that the door is open to visitors. 

So people started filtering in for the Gallery Hop around 5. And by 5:30 there were 30-40 people in the studio at any time, and it stayed insanely busy until after 8. Luckily I had my brother and two of his friends to help out - we were a wrapping, red-dotting, receipting machine. It was just awesome. 

I was really pleased with the reception for the Wentworth Street Compositions, as well as my latest cityscape work. I sold the entire window display of small works, and so I've been painting like mad all week to replenish both the studio and the window space.

S. Jones, Trinity Composition, oil on canvas, 8x24 in., $300I'm continuing to work on cityscape stuff - this is an 8x24 in. piece I just finished today.  And so now the window is semi-full again (hah, I even caught the scooter reflection, which I just noticed now...).