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Mixed Media Project: Start to Finish

Mixed media returns to Jones Gallery. Fist I prep the canvas with whatever kind of texturing I'm looking for - here I use strips of unbleached cotton soaked in a water-based matte medium. That stuff dries fairly quickly, so I move on to my first couple layers of oil paint later that day. I apply the paint thinly for the sky area, clean up the brush strokes and blend in some of the clouds with a feather brush. I use thicker paint mixed with linseed oil for the water (heavier, shinier texture).

I was looking for something to create a matte texture for certain areas of the water surface, so here I crush up some conte sticks. And come up with this: Now the canvas is ready for the final knife work - applying think layers of paint for the port and ship, adding detail around the cotton strips, integrating the mixed media elements with my oil painting technique.