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Saturday Afternoon Project with a little Puccini

Let me tell you how much I love CBC Radio 2.

A lot.

The radio at my studio is permanently set for Tempo, Shift and R2 Drive. My brother (not an opera fan) always tries to change the dial on the sly. But then I threaten to carve him up with my palette knife.

So I was in the studio yesterday and caught Saturday Afternoon at the Opera playing La Boheme. Brilliant. How cultured is that. Ha.

I won't pretend to understand any of Puccini's masterpiece, but I still loved it, and even better, I finished a couple mixed media projects. I had a stack of some smaller canvases to use, so I prepared a couple with some cloth and acrylic matte medium, and layered on top with some oil paint.

And I finished off one of the pieces with some knife work inspired by houses on Germain Street. I'm trying to limit my colour palette for architectural projects, so I chose to work with only a crimson red, yellow, and black and white. View from Canterbury Street, mixed media on canvas, 11x14 in.

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