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Uptown Saint John's Artist of the Week Project

Thanks to Uptown Saint John for selecting me as their Artist of the Week! This is a great project - a chance for artists to not only be seen as part of the Saint John urban identity, but also an opportunity for us to connect the people in the Uptown SJ network. And I had fun answering their AOTW questions:

Question: What is the most interesting place you've ever been?
Sarah's Answer: Naples. I feared for my life after being barricaded in a train station as a gang of rebel youths had a knife fight outside. Wild.

Question: What is your favourite thing to wear?
Sarah's Answer: My scooter helmet. It's red. I love it. Sad but true.

Question: Do you have any pets?
Sarah's Answer: A neurotic, blind springer spaniel called Ivy.

Question: Do you play any musical instruments?
Sarah's Answer: I play some mean piano. I once had grand visions of going to Julliard's, hah.

Question: What is your favourite drink?
Sarah's Answer: Wine, wine, wine. And especially if I can make my brother pay for it.