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Weekend Drawing: Peel Street (Plus Some New Year Resolutions)

I've been a little obsessed with the streets above Union ever since the construction projects were announced. There are so many great back stairs and fire escapes and narrow driveways. The new police station won't be half so interesting, pfft.

So Happy New Year. I'm not a big fan of resolutions, so this is more my list of 2011 projects.

1. Make some really good stew. 

2. Learn enough of some martial art just so that I can beat up Caleb once. 

3. Post a video on youtube of me beating up Caleb.

4. Create some art pieces based on the oil refinery at night. 

5. Read the other sections of the Globe besides the arts section. 

6. Get a dog. 

7. Make a garden full of peas. And then hire some kid with a BB gun to shoot the bugger deer that try to eat them. 

8. Get some better paint brushes.