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Christmas Point of No Return and Unsolicited Familial Advice

Christmas is two weeks away. My paintings take two weeks to dry. I've passed the Christmas point of no return. 

The bad news. So what I have on the walls now, that's it, no more until January; let's hope it's enough. 

The good news. No more incessant Christmas business advice from my family. Mom's daily advice since October: 'Stop goofing off' 'You're going to run out before Christmas' 'Go paint [on my day off]' 'Paint more'. Sigh. My brother, Caleb's, advice (note: Caleb subscribes to the belief that he is the indisputable God-Expert-of-All-Things-Including-Sarah's-Art): 'That doesn't make any sense' 'Too colourful' 'Paint more harbour stuff' 'That boat looks like a red-fireball-bomb-explosion' 'The street shouldn't look like it has been through an earthquake', and, echoing Mom, 'You're going to run out before Christmas' with refrains of 'PAINT MORE'. Brilliant. I'm planning to issue an official Jones Gallery memorandum stating that any further unsolicited advice will be met with haughty looks and hurled objects. But like I said, unsolicited Christmas business advice should be ending soon; unsolicited summer-tourist-season-business advice starts in March, hooray.