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Blog written by Sarah Jones of Jones Gallery + Studio. News from her studio, discussions of process, and thoughts on art + design. 

In the Studio

I moved my art studio from home into the (freshly painted and bookshelf-free) space at 122 Germain Street on Monday. And I can now concretely say that this has been the best week of all time. And it's only Wednesday. This space (previously my bookstore/gallery, Bean Books) is the ideal size for an art studio - enough room to paste gigantic pages of newsprint doodlings on the wall, have multiple canvases on the go, and spread around my art-making paraphernalia on every available flat surface. The only problem is that all the pieces I have been working on for the past two months are due up at the Saint John Arts Centre for my show next week, leaving the walls at the studio depressingly blank. So blank that the place echoes. Time for a new art project.

I went on a photo expedition last week to get some new material/inspiration, and had a pretty happy art-moment over this shot taken from Pitt Street. I've used Courtenay Bay many times in my work before, but generally just the Bay itself. This scene has a great combination of row housing, poles, and lamps directing the eye to the more industrial horizon. Plus check out those power lines. Good stuff. I'm planning to tackle this scene with a couple mixed media projects - layers of cloth, paper and oil paint. I'd like to also try some linseed paste or beeswax for some added texture - but no luck finding either yet. Still hunting...