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Port City: The Big Night

My first solo exhibition opened on Friday, January 15th, at the Saint John Arts Centre.  Thanks to all the folks at the SJAC for organizing the opening and doing a wonderful job hanging my show. And a special thank you to Kelly Cunningham for designing a brilliant catalogue!

What a great opening night! Artists Marian Papenhausen and Sara Jane Conklin were in the Frazee and Library Galleries, and a two-person exhibition of paintings by Nova Scotia artists Brian Atyeo and Scott MacLeod opened in the City Gallery. I love that five or six gallery spaces open at once at the SJAC - lots of excitement and good variety of art. Plus each artist bring his/her own crowd of followers/supporters.  The SJAC was packed for three hours - lots of friends and family, old teachers and profs, neighbours, art students. Everybody. It was brilliant. I was exhausted.

I had a great time talking to Brian and Scott (the NS artists). I feel sometimes like I'm working in complete isolation, without support or advice from other artists, which comes with the fact that Saint John doesn't have an art school. Fredericton and Halifax (I think) automatically have that art community infrastructure due to the presence of the Craft College and NSCAD. So it was great to have some mentorship - positive feedback (which is amazing coming from artists like them!) and a chance to talk about process of being an artist.

Port City is up until March 6th.

Marian Papenhausen and I discuss one of my pieces (photo by Peter Walsh)