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Blog written by Sarah Jones of Jones Gallery + Studio. News from her studio, discussions of process, and thoughts on art + design. 

Seven Year Series: Things You Need To Know About Open Studios

This is the third instalment in our blog series commemorating our seven-year-long business slog.

Today: lessons I've learn from having an open studio, the good and the bad about public access, and thoughts on the current studio-gallery separation. ...

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Our Industrial Landscape II: A Reinterpretation

I am taking another crack at our industrial landscape.

I have been trying to move away from being too precious over the details of this landscape or too tight (that may not be the right word, but I hope it makes sense) with my gestures and composition. The studio equivalent of a deep breath and starting again. ...

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Seven Year Series: Stocking a Painter's Studio

This is the first instalment in our blog series commemorating our seven-year-long business slog, where we share things we've learned, mistakes we've made, stuff we should have (wish we had) known at the beginning. 

Today, thoughts on supplying and stocking a painter's studio: brands I like, materials I use, and where to find them. ...

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Seven Years

It is January 2017. That means, I've just realized, that the little gallery has been in business for seven years. 

At our seven-year mark, we're doing pretty well, I think. Running like a (mostly) well-oiled two-person family business. Caleb and I both know the appropriate level of squawk to get one another to pay attention and complete the necessities. ...

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