Study from All Vantage Points No. 2

Study from All Vantage Points No. 2


Sarah Jones

Oil on panel, 5"x5", 2017

These new paintings are part of an ongoing exploration of the transient nature of Saint John's urban and industrial landscape. Sarah is here trying to evoke the fluidity of these sites. She notes that even things so seemingly stolid as the harbour cranes are constantly moving and changing, much like the water and ships around them.

Much of this new work was created on site at different points around the harbour (favourite crane vantage points include Tin Can Beach area, Pugsley Wharf, and Fort Latour). 

Sarah has recently started experimenting with cold max - a medium that she mixes with oil paint to gain a texture that is more translucent and matte. The oil and wax form a thick paste that lends itself well to application with a palette knife, Sarah's preferred painting tool. 


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