Jones Gallery Quarterly: 2017 Edition

Jones Gallery Quarterly: 2017 Edition


Receive FOUR paintings throughout the year, once per season. Each painting is an original 6"x6" cityscape work on canvas by Sarah Jones. (Cost of a 6"x6" painting in the gallery is $175, which means you save $50 per painting!) Subscriptions are limited. 

Issues arrive per quarter; the first will arrive in Winter 2017. 

Every year has overarching theme that ties all four paintings together. The Jones Gallery Quarterly 2017 Theme: Hidden Places [in Urban Spaces].

Shipping is free within Canada. 

Note for Canadian customers: the shipping fee will default to US rate when you first open the checkout page. Rates will adjust after you enter the country of destination and shipping address. 

Return policy: All sales are final. Each work will be executed according to the artist's highest standards and integrity. Each subscription and every work within is unique. By purchasing, subscribers are aware of the artist's work and are open to the surprise element of this project. 

Purchase a subscription before December 24 for a chance to win a $1400 painting in our Holiday Giveaway!

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